Alyssa & Paul | Sugarcreek Ohio Wedding Photographer

So excited to introduce Alyssa and Paul to the blog! They are getting married next year, and they are so very cute. 

Favorite!! Gosh, I love me some dimples. And Alyssa's are just top notch. 

The one on the left? Obsessed. 

There's just a biiiit of a height difference between Paul and Alyssa. Yeah, I think it's so adorable!

When I ask most guys to sit down on the ground during shoots, they complain and act like they cannot possibly bend their legs. I get it, guys are tall and usually not that bendy. SO when I asked 6 foot 8 Paul to sit down on the ground, I prepared for him to hate me. THEN HE JUST SITS DOWN AND FOLDS HIS LONG LEGS LIKE A FREAKIN CHEERLEADER! I was sooo shocked! He is now known as Gumby to me. 

Alyssa you are the cutest. 

We went out to Breightenbach vineyards for a few more portraits. 


Thank you both so much for such a fun shoot! I'm so excited for your wedding next year! 

Love, Abbey