Fallon | Fresh 48 Newborn Hospital Session | Wooster OH

You aren't seeing things - there's a baby on my blog!!! A super sweet, super cute, baby girl named Fallon, to be exact. 

I know, I know. It's crazy. And while I currently have no plans to change my specialty from wedding photography... let me tell you a little bit about why I'm not shying away from the brilliant idea of "fresh 48" hospital sessions. 

I love the photography industry, but the one problem I have with it and our social media crazed world is this: almost nothing is natural. Almost nothing is real. Even if you're doing a lifestyle session at home, there's inevitably still things to plan, set up, stage. And that's ok. But then I realized something about THESE sessions... There's just none of that. It's just real. It's just a hospital room. It looks the same as every other hospital room that every other mom is in. And that's awesome. That's timeless. 

There's only three things to focus on: baby, mom, and dad. Oh, and allllll the love in the new parents' eyes. 

The other huge reason I am drawn to capturing the first day or two after the baby is born is that I know from experience that for the mom, that time is an absolute blur. A tired, happy, physically miserable, hormonal, emotional blur. However, it's one of the happiest times of your life! It deserves to be remembered.

So thank you to my dear friends Gabby and Jeff for letting me come up and sneak a peak at little Fallon and capturing some of her first moments! 

Like mother....

Like daughter :) 


Love you guys!