Lindsey & Colson | Ohio Wedding Photographer

Let me introduce you guys to Lindsey and Colson! 

They're getting married this fall, and I'm so excited for their wedding. 

Maybe my favorite. Colson and his dad fixed up this old 1947 Ford Coupe together, and I loved incorporating it into our shoot. 

Lindsey works in a CRIME LAB you guys. I'm a huge true crime nerd, and I have to try hard not to ask her a million annoying questions when I'm with her ;) 

They took me to one of their favorite spots, the Tow Bridge in Zoar. I loved it!! 

I had so much fun with you two! I can't wait for your wedding. I'll be brushing up on my Forensic Files so I can ask some really good questions. HA! 

Love, Abbey