Cynthia & Tim | Sarasota, Florida Wedding Photographer

Hey friends! I've missed you! A couple weekends off in a row means this blog has been quiet and I just don't love that. But I'm back to tell you about my awesome quick trip to Florida to photograph the STUNNING Cynthia and Tim! 

Seriously, Cynthia. I quite possibly overdid the bridal portraits in this wedding but I couldn't help it. You'll see. 

I mean come on! Hair. Dress. Flowers. Swagger. It's all perfection! 

Hey, Tim! You're bringing your A game, too!

One of my favorite bridesmaid shots of this year. Also, about 10 seconds after we got posed for photos, we hear a DOWNPOUR of rain heading our way. 

We just barely made it to a garage that was attached to the reception tent, and you better believe I made Cynthia pose in that garage! Favorites! 

Thankfully the rain stopped and it was time to get married! 

Love this. Cynthia and Tim have the biggest hearts and you can tell. 

Wedding days hardly ever go as planned. Things were running behind this time, and after the ceremony I was well aware that we were losing daylight FAST. I'm not exaggerating when I say these are the FASTEST portraits I have ever taken in my life! I checked the time stamps on the photos, we did all bride and groom, bridal party, and family portraits in 24 minutes.  

This group made it work! 

The one on the right is my fave! 

Seriously how gorgeous are they?

Party time!! 

Despite the insane heat and humidity, this pair DANCED more than any other I've ever seen! 

Thank you both so much for letting me have fun with you on your awesome day! 

Love, Abbey

From Cynthia:

Describe your wedding in 5 words: Fun, Family-Focused, Simple, Meaningful 

Funniest Wedding Memory: Trying to take pictures with my bridesmaids and having to take cover because of the monsoon downpour! 

Emotional Memory: Watching my Pastor get choked up while officiating our wedding. It meant the world to me! 

Advice for future Brides and Grooms: Getting engaged and married in exactly 2 months, and being under the circumstances we were, made us realize that you need to focus on the BIG, important things and not sweat about the small stuff. We knew from the beginning that the wedding was going to be amazing regardless of our circumstances because we would be with our closes family and friends. But we also knew that our future marriage was more important than the celebration itself. Of course, enjoy the day and the people you are with, but in preparation for the big day, never lose focus on the importance of the life you will live with your spouse. That’s what the celebration is all about, right? 

From Tim:

Describe your wedding in 5 words: Joy, Love, Unity, FUN, Family

Funniest Memory: Dancing with everybody

Emotional Memory: The "First Look" and praying with our mentors after the wedding 

Advice for future Brides and Grooms: •Be smart with budgeting it. •Do something to make it uniquely your own wedding.

First Dance Song: "How Long Will I Love You" by Ellie Goulding 


Dress: Top: BHLDN Skirt:

Hair and Makeup: Kori Hostetler || J&K House Of Hair 

Suits/Tuxes: Zara Men's

Bridesmaid Dresses: Various 

Flowers: Ms. Scarlett's Flowers

Catering: Der Dutchmans Sarasota

Cake: Nikki Rinsema 

Venue: Laughing Horse Farm (Ross & Jenny Bunch's Property)

DJ: Chuck