Rachel & Braden | Wooster Ohio Wedding Photographer | Oak Hill Park

Ooooh my gosh! I've been dying to show off this adorable couple. 

These two have a special place in my heart... Braden is my cousin, and Rachel is just the SWEETEST girl, the perfect match for Braden, and I'm so excited that she's joining the fam!

One of my favorites. The way they look at each other.. it melts me! 

But this one.. this is my very favorite. It's not often I get teary eyed looking at my own work.. but as I sat and stared at this on my computer screen, I definitely did. You just can't beat that kind of love and affection. 

It's not on brand for me to post this kind of solo shot .. but I'm just obsessed with this image of Rachel! And it's my blog so I can do what I want! :D 

Brace yourselves.. the second set is even better than the first! 

DANG, RACHEL you're rockin those red lips!! 

Ending with one of my other favorites! I dunno.. just something about it! 

I can't thank you two enough for letting me capture your love for each other! Can't wait to do it again in November!!