Amy & Kevin | Canton Ohio Wedding Photographer | La Pizzeria

So, my 2016 brides have been taking gorgeous to a whole new level. Everyone meet Amy! So many gorgeous images to show you of this awesome day! 

This day was so perfect. I loved every detail! 

And meet Kevin! Yes, he is just as friendly as he looks. 

Right before the ceremony... 

I love this shot my second shooter Tammy got of everyone turning to see Amy walk down! 


A few bridal party shots... 

How gorgeous are these ladies? And I LOVED their dresses! 

You guys look so GOOD together!!! 

Looove this! 


Then it was party time! 

Some of my fave first dance photos of the year :)

Right before dancing started, I found out that Kevin's grandma had been taking physical therapy especially so she could get out of her wheelchair and dance with Kevin at the wedding. When this happened.... I was a MESS behind my camera!!! The sweetest thing ever!! 

Amy and Kevin, I hope you know how much fun I had with you and how much I loved being a part of your day! 

Love, Abbey

From Amy:

Describe your wedding in 5 words: Memorable, beautiful, delicious, wonderful start

Funniest Wedding Memory: Bridesmaid dance party right before the ceremony started

Emotional Memory: Having Kevin tell me he loves when we first sat down in church.

Advice for future Brides and Grooms: Live in the moment and take time to look around to appreciate all your blessings!

From Kevin:

Describe your wedding in 5 words: Fun, amazing, best night ever

Funniest Memory: Groomsmen cheer before mass!

Emotional Memory: When I saw Amy for the first time.

Advice for future Brides and Grooms: Relax and enjoy the fact that you finally get to get married.

First Dance Song: Thinking Out Loud


Dress: Abbotts Bridal

Hair: Salon Mystique

Makeup: Makeup by Doreen

Suits/Tuxes: Tuxedo Junction

Flowers: Buehlers

Catering: La Pizzaria

Cake: Buehlers

Venues: La Pizzaria

DJ: Beach Boyz