Kellie & Josh | Columbus Ohio Wedding Photographer | Franklin Park Conservatory

Oooooh this session. Kellie and Josh are getting married at their home in Columbus this fall, and they are oh so very sweet together. 

Beautiful couple, beautiful evening, beautiful location.. doesn't get any better than that! 

I might as well say this now so I can get it over with.. HER HAIR!!!!! 

I love this. Josh's shoe game was so strong! 

The one on the left = one of my faves! 

Yeah, they're pretty cute together. 

I'm not 100% sure but I THINK this is my favorite.

K but one more time... KELLIE - YOUR HAIR! Also one more time - Josh's shoe game! 

Kellie and Josh, I am soooo very excited to see you guys again this fall! 

Love, Abbey

Kara & Allan | Wooster Ohio Wedding Photographer

Soooo.. Let me tell you about Kara and Allan. 

Allan is a music producer from Uganda. Like, he JUST got here from Uganda. And he had to endure some pretty chilly weather during this shoot! 

Kara is one fierce gal who spent lots of time in Uganda doing missions work. Somewhere along the way, they met.. and BOOM! 

I had a very difficult time choosing favorites from this session. 

This is definitely one of them! 

We just wandered around Wooster, Ohio for a bit, stopping along the way to shoot them being cute together. 

VERY FAVORITE! Side note: If you've never been to The Spoon Market and Deli in Wooster, you MUST go. 

Can we talk about how good looking they are for a minute?!


We ended the evening sharing some coffee together and talking about music and our shared love of Apple products. 

You two are WAY cute together, and I can't wait to capture you getting married NEXT MONTH!

Love, Abbey