Kara & Allan | Wooster Ohio Wedding Photographer

Soooo.. Let me tell you about Kara and Allan. 

Allan is a music producer from Uganda. Like, he JUST got here from Uganda. And he had to endure some pretty chilly weather during this shoot! 

Kara is one fierce gal who spent lots of time in Uganda doing missions work. Somewhere along the way, they met.. and BOOM! 

I had a very difficult time choosing favorites from this session. 

This is definitely one of them! 

We just wandered around Wooster, Ohio for a bit, stopping along the way to shoot them being cute together. 

VERY FAVORITE! Side note: If you've never been to The Spoon Market and Deli in Wooster, you MUST go. 

Can we talk about how good looking they are for a minute?!


We ended the evening sharing some coffee together and talking about music and our shared love of Apple products. 

You two are WAY cute together, and I can't wait to capture you getting married NEXT MONTH!

Love, Abbey

Matt & Bethany | Engaged | Ohio Wedding Photographer

If you want to know what it looks like when two people are crazy about each other, keep reading! Matt and Bethany are getting married this October, and let me tell you, they are beyond adorable together. 

Every bit of this session is genuine. They just have so much FUN together! 


We just so happened to have a gorgeous sunny day, and a gorgeous location to highlight this pair. Tammy's view: 

My view :) 


I love how happy you two make each other!! 

Ok, one more favorite before an outfit change...

Bethany and Matt BOTH work for the fire department! How awesome is that?? We all agreed that we definitely needed to include the firetrucks in the session. 

You're killing me, Beth!! 

Did I tell him to swoop her up romantically?? No, no I did not. Another favorite! 

It's safe to say I was dying behind my camera this whole session. You two are too cute to handle! 

I cannot wait to capture how blissfully happy you will be on your wedding day!! 

Love, Abbey

Ahhh, the yummy light we had that evening :) 

Ahhh, the yummy light we had that evening :)